Why we do this work


We see first hand how giving each client the space to process their situation by giving them all of the information and support that is available to them, can make a HUGE difference not only to their thought process but also the final outcome of what they do. This not only makes a MASSIVE impact in their lives now but it affects their future just as much.

Life is by no means easy as we all are often faced with difficult or challenging situations which can provide many options as solutions. We want to ensure that each woman whether pregnant or a new mom is empowered to make a decision/s that she will feel proud of going forward.

We do this work because we love seeing women making right decision for them that is not based on fear or family pressures. We love being able to be a support structure for our clients on a daily basis and look forward to each time that we see them.

We absolutely love seeing our clients transform during there time with us. Often arriving with such heavy burdens that they carry and leave with a skip in their step and a smile on their face.

Our staff and volunteers are all very passionate about serving our clients to the best of their ability- you won’t find a place with more care, compassion and support.

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Our Services


  • We visit a hospital on a monthly basis giving hospital packs to the new mothers, babies in the NICU ward and those women who are in labour that are donated by The Grace Factory and Tambo Memorial Baby Pack Network.

  • We host workshops that equip our clients for pregnancy, raising children and life.

  • We provide clothing, toiletries and baby items to our clients who are invested in bettering their lives

  • We offer counselling to women who have experienced an unexpected pregnancy and women who have experienced a loss through abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth.

  • We offer a school’s program called Undiluted to our local schools

  • We network with other NPO’s based in Gauteng to better serve our clients’ needs