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Changing Lives

About Us

Life Choices is a trustworthy place where woman whether pregnant or have children under the age of 1 years are able to leave feeling empowered, equipped and encouraged. We aim to see girls and women making informed decisions that make them feel empowered, equip them for motherhood and to ensure that they are respected in their communities.


We have various programs that we have put into place to ensure that our clients are uplifted and educated.


We run the following programs currently:

Counselling- our counselling program serves girls and women who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy’s, lost a child through abortion, miscarriage and still birth. We aim to ensure that each and every client receives all the knowledge about their options, judgement free and not alone.


Life Skills- our life skills program is aimed at educating our clients to provide for themselves in various ways from growing their own vegetables to knitting their own garments or selling the items they make. Our hope is that they will be able to provide for themselves and their families whist still being a single parent.


Antenatal Sessions- our antenatal program is an in-depth program that includes 6 sessions covering Pregnancy and What to expect, Labour and Hospital, Baby’s Here, Breastfeeding and Formula feeding and an Introduction to parenting.  We want to ensure that each mom know more about what to expect during pregnancy and the first few weeks when her new-born has arrived so that they are better equipped for motherhood. We also encourage them to ask questions and have open discussions about their experiences. Its such a fun time of building friendships.


Child Development- our child development program has been designed to ensure that our clients know more about how to properly stimulate their babies, this encourages better parenting skills. We discuss nutrition, when to feed baby and what? We cover other topics such a discipline and have a question and answer times to allow moms to share what they are struggling with.  Its been so encouraging to see how the mothers have started to build their own Life Choices sisterhood as they learn together and the babies grow up together.